Knee Patch Breeches & Knee Patch Riding Tights

Versatile knee patch breeches and knee patch riding tights suit every occasion and combine the leg sensitivity you need with enough padding at the knee to avoid painful skin abrasions. Bit of Britain has knee patch breeches and tights of every description by leading brands like Horseware and Dublin Clothing. White or beige breeches with suede knee patches have a traditional look and conform to rule book specifications, but modern stretch fabrics, stylish piping and a choice of high or mid waist means they look and feel anything but old-fashioned! Trendily colored breeches crafted from rugged but lightweight stain-resistant fabrics and silicon gel knee grip patches are a pleasure to wear when schooling and exercising. Knee patch tights have successfully crossed over from fitness wear to equestrianism and afford all-day comfort both in and out of the saddle. Whatever your riding apparel needs, you can rely on Bit of Britain to have selected the very best in knee patch breeches and knee patch riding tights for competition and leisure.