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Riding Helmets - Certified Helmets & Skull Caps

Every serious rider knows to strap on a helmet before every ride and Bit of Britain features leading manufacturers Charles Owen, One K, Champion, IRH and Ovation to offer rigorously-tested, safety-certified helmets suitable for all budgets and disciplines. Top-of-the-range leather look or micro suede helmets have a customizable central panel for the ultimate fashion statement. The low profile design, front and rear ventilation holes and easy-to-fasten 6-point harness mean fashion, comfort and safety are all prioritized. Mid-priced helmets with an injection molded shell in black, gray, brown or navy are comfortable and well-ventilated. Affordable schooling helmets come in fun metallic colors - great for getting kids to buckle up with every ride - and the easy-adjust dial always ensures a snug fit. Classic velvet hunt caps merge tradition with modern safety protocols and are the preferred look for foxhunters, while skull caps certified to the top four international levels are essential for safety-conscious cross-country riders. At Bit of Britain find stylish, certified helmets to suit all requirements.