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Work, Barn & Country Boots

Enjoy the comfort and practicality of purpose-made equestrian work boots for all-day wear at the barn. At Bit of Britain you can find the country boots you've been longing for plus durable synthetic work boots and muck boots from top brands like Ovation and Muckruckers. For everyday wear in most conditions, nothing beats the joy of pulling on a pair of sought-after country boots. The combination of rugged, waterproof leather and a technical interior membrane means you can stride on with impunity through rain, mud or snow. Add soft insoles, a raised heel for riding safety, and a sturdy rubber sole for the ultimate in safe and fashionable equestrian footwear. Alternatively choose a pair of affordable muck boots manufactured from state-of-the-art synthetic materials that are easy to wear and easy to clean. No need to worry about mud and muck - just hose it off the outside while you stay dry on the inside! Find your optimum barn work boots today at Bit of Britain.