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Horse Training Aids - Lunging Equipment

Maximize your horse's potential and get more from your schooling sessions with quality training aids. Bit of Britain has reliable equipment for safe and successful lunging, and draw reins to improve the ridden horse's outline, from Pessoa, Nunn Finer and Shires Equestrian. Plain leather or fleece padded lunging cavessons fasten securely behind the horse's jaw and have three metal nose rings for attaching the lunge line. Durable nylon lunge lines can be easily looped for a secure hold in one hand by the trainer. Lunging surcingles in leather or nylon are equipped with metal rings to facilitate the attachment of side reins and other lunging aids. Leather side reins both with and without elastic inserts are connected between the bit and the surcingle to encourage a steady head carriage. Draw reins crafted from narrow cord or leather allow a smooth run over the bit rings and are easy to hold together with snaffle reins. Trust in Bit of Britain when you are looking for lunging equipment and training aids.