Horse Boots & Wraps

Sport and competition horses are required to travel hundreds of miles to events, gallop long distances and jump solid obstacles, and their valuable but vulnerable legs need the very best protection. Bit of Britain has state-of-the-art protective boots by Woof Wear, Nunn Finer, ARMA and Veredus. Boots for galloping and cross-country jumping must support the horse's tendons while also protecting his cannon bones and fetlock joints from bangs and bruises. They need to be durable and strong but flexible enough to mold to the shape of the horse's legs and not cause chafing. Boots with hook and loop closures are perfect for daily jumping sessions or paddock turnout, while top-of-the-range competition boots make use of modern technology for maximum function. Polo wraps are a popular choice for gentle support during training on the flat. Shipping boots that cover the leg from above the hock right down to the coronary band give total protection during trailering. Find horse boots and wraps for all occasions at Bit of Britain.