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English Bridles - Bridle Parts & Bitless Bridles

Bridles for dressage and jumping from the world's leading designers. Bit of Britain offers an eclectic selection of bridles to suit all budgets from top brands like Pessoa, MM Toulouse, Harmon Kraft, Ovation and Nunn Finer. A quality bridle is your signature item of tack, reflecting the beauty of your horse's head while conforming to his bone structure for maximum comfort and efficiency. Make a bold statement in the dressage arena with a black leather bridle, perhaps one adorned with a crystal-studded brow band for added glamor. Select all-purpose bridles that have been meticulously crafted for comfort over the nerve-sensitive areas of an equine's face, with cut-back headpieces, padded crank nosebands and shaped cheekpieces. When every point counts, insuring that your horse isn't distracted by tight or pinching leather straps can only be a bonus! Enjoy the pleasure of owning high-quality equipment that not only looks exquisite but that will stand up to the rigors of the sport. For the finest choice of European and American bridles you can rely on Bit of Britain.