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English Bits - Bits, Hackamores & Bit Accessories

Between the changing needs of every horse and restrictions imposed by competition rules, finding the right bit for each eventing discipline can be a challenge. Bit of Britain has a wealth of bit and hackamore options from Nunn Finer, Ovation and Herm Sprenger to ensure that making the right choice is just a mouse-click away. There are snaffle bits galore for dressage in a variety of metals from stainless steel to solid silver while sensitive horses may prefer the feel of rubber or soft polymer. Bit-ring options range from traditional eggbutt to loose ringed, with straight bar, single-jointed or double-jointed mouthpieces. A Weymouth bit coupled with a simple bradoon constitutes the double bridle which is permitted for dressage at the intermediate level and above. Gags and pelhams which add leverage are cross-country options for keen horses while hackamores can be a successful choice for some horses in the stadium phase. Browse the comprehensive selection of bits for all phases of eventing, for hunters, equitation and jumpers at Bit of Britain.