Horse Blankets, Sheets & Coolers

Horse Blankets, Sheets and Coolers are designed to safeguard your horse from foul weather, to keep your horse clean, or to keep a chill away after a hard workout or bath. Bit of Britain offers durable yet stylish blankets from Weatherbeeta, Horseware Ireland brands including Rambo, Rhino, and Amigo, Shires Equestrian, and Pessoa. Horse blankets are used for turnout or stall wear. Horse blankets for turnout are built for rugged outdoor use while horse stable blankets for stall wear are often quilted and made to be worn inside the barn. Horse sheets are lightweight and constructed with no fill to keep your horse dry and dust-free without the bulk of a heavy turnout. Coolers are designed to help your horse dry quickly after exercise or a bath to keep your horse comfortable. Horse blankets, sheets, and coolers are tailored to fit around a horse's body from chest to tail, with surcingles crossing underneath the belly for a secure fit. Blankets, sheets, and coolers are available in smart, chic designs in highly functional styles.