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Equestrian Protective Wear - Helmets & Vests

Horseback riding is a risky sport but thanks to modern protective equipment much of this risk can be mitigated. Bit of Britain offers the leading manufacturers of riding helmets, body protectors and air vests to offer the very best in comfortable and practical safety gear. Riding helmets combine maximum protection with elegant styling for a classic look. From certified riding helmets in a huge number of styles, to straightforward jockey skull caps via state-of-the-art composite shells with air vents and bling, there are helmets for every gender, age and discipline. Safety vests are a boon for boosting the confidence of novice riders and kids who experience the occasional tumble, and a necessity for event riders as they are a requirement for the cross-country phase - but can be seen in the jumper ring or at Pony Club Competitions. Air vests which inflate before impact afford ultimate protection and are chosen by competitors up to the Olympic level. For safety equipment, including medical armbands, look to Bit of Britain for the best products in the genre by Charles Owen, One K Helmets, IRH, Champion and Ovation.