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Rider Gear

The three phases of eventing mean you and your horse need to be correctly and safely equipped for each discipline. Bit of Britain has the best selection of rider protective wear and gear from leading brands like Ovation, Charles Owen, Champion and One K Helmets to keep you safe and in compliance with competition rules. Show jumping, hunters and equitation competitions all require the use of Certified riding helmets. These are riding helmets that have been rigorously tested and meet the specific standards.
These days, riding helmets look elegant and stylish while still offering the protection they provide. The latest technology in riding helmets is MIPS, and you will find MIPS helmets on Bit of Britain.

State-of-the-art protective vests and air vests combine comfort and freedom of movement with maximum efficacy. Chaps and half-chaps will protect your legs from rubs and abrasions during long hours of schooling and training. Choose from an abundance of whips for dressage and short crops for jumping to improve your horse's responsiveness to the aids. Don't forget to complete your outfit with a requisite pinny holder so the jump judge can read your number. Ride to the max at every event or competition, secure in the knowledge you have the most reliable equipment thanks to Bit of Britain!