Hunter Shadbellies - Dressage Shadbellies

All equestrian sports are steeped in tradition and the wearing of long-tail show coats for dressage and for hunters is an elegant reminder of times past. Bit of Britain has shadbelly coats created with modern flair by Romfh, Tredstep and Alessandro Albanese for upper-level performers. Tail-coats are desired apparel for eventers at the intermediate level and above as well as at FEI competitions; and by pure dressage competitors riding above the Fourth Level. Having invested time training your horse to such a high standard, you also want to invest in the finest show jacket available to reflect your success and showcase your horse's elegance. Enjoy freedom of movement as you ride in a coat that features superior tailoring and lightweight stretch material, and remain cool even in the heat of competition thanks to welcome underarm vents. Grow in confidence and success in a exquisite shadbelly show coat from Bit of Britain.