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Pessoa Lunging System - Natural

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Product description

Train with the Pessoa Lunging System to help your horse work towards or maintain a balanced frame.

Invented by the International show jumping rider, Nelson Pessoa, this system is designed to encourage balance and a gradual build-up of the topline. It consists of an easy-to-put-together array of ropes, clips and pulleys, as well as a breeching strap that passes behind the horse's hindquarters and is used in conjunction with a training surcingle while the horse is being lunged. Based on principles of pressure and release, the Pessoa Lunging System helps to place the horse in a better position to assist muscle build-up, and increases use of the horse's back muscles. It can assist maintenance of muscle tone in fit horses, while less experienced horses can be guided into the correct shape. The Pessoa Lunging System can be used in four different position, depending on the horse's level of training and fitness.

This advanced training should be used by an experienced handler with a horse that has had experience ground driving before using this system. System Includes: Soft rope, pulleys and fleece covered elastic cord breeching. Surcingle, Lunging Caveson/Bridle - SOLD SEPARATELY.


  • Lunging system
  • Used only by experienced handler
  • Four different position, depending on horse's level of training and fitness
  • Available in Horse or Pony size. Pony: 12-14 hands. Horse: 15-17 hands.