Horse Tack - English Bridles, Saddles & Girths

The sport of eventing demands the ultimate performance through all three phases from horse, rider and equipment. At Bit of Britain you can find the ultimate eventing tack from leading brands like Nunn Finer, Herm Sprenger and Collegiate.
We also carry tack for Hunters and Show Jumping. See bridles that will show off your horse's head or suit his particular conformation, dressage saddles that will flatter your technique, and jumping and cross-country saddles that will help you ride safely and securely. Explore multiple girthing options, many ergonomically designed to enhance your horse's performance, and select from a wealth of breastplates and martingales. Quickly locate those hard-to-find accessories like lip guards and ear nets and browse the wide selection of bits, both traditional and modern. Choose saddle pads for improved saddle fit or to accessorize with your cross-country colors. Whatever your equipment needs, Bit of Britain has a cornucopia of tack for all English riding disciplines so that you can come to an informed purchasing decision and be back in the saddle getting ready for your next competition without missing a beat!