Horze Grooming Block - Brown

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Product Description

Make tough grooming jobs easy with the Horze Grooming Block.

This pumice style block is great for a removing shedding hair, dirt and grime from your horse's coat. It is also an excellent tool for removing bot eggs from your horse's legs. Great for removing stubborn stains without bathing. Quickly brings a shine to your horse's coat with just a few scrapes. Each block grooms 10 - 12 horses.


  • Makes tough grooming jobs simple
  • Easily removes dirt and ground in dust from your horse's coat
  • Great for shedding horses
  • Removes stubborn stains without bathing
  • Also great for removing bot eggs
  • Each block grooms 10 - 12 horses

Care Instructions:

When dirty, just rub on a rough surface to expose an additional layer of pores.