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Stirrup Irons - Stirrup Leathers & Irons

Event riders rely on balance over their feet for a secure position in the saddle, and reliable stirrup leathers and state-of-the-art irons are prerequisites for a safe ride. Bit of Britain, in conjunction with leading brands like Shires Equestrian and Ovation, offers an impressive choice of traditional and modern stirrup leathers and irons for each phase of a horse trial. Find elegant stainless steel stirrup irons for a classic look, in lightweight or heavy metal to suit your preference. Rubber treads provide grip and security. Modern composite stirrup irons are super lightweight and offer a broad base of support which is a great combination for cross-country riding. Stirrup leathers from child-sized to full-length dressage leathers are available at a choice of price points, from budget webbing to premium leather. Leathers with a strengthening nylon core are non-stretch and unlikely to break, even under duress. Put your trust in Bit of Britain for the very best stirrup leathers and irons on the market!