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English Reins - Plain, Rubber, Web & Laced Reins

Maintain a smooth connection with your horse's mouth with high-performance reins that fit your grip and suit your style. Bit of Britain has reins for every discipline in traditional plain or laced leather, sturdy weather-beating webbing, or comfortable rubber by Nunn Finer, Vespucci and Ovation. For elegance and reliability find exquisite European leather reins with buckle fastenings or traditional hook fastenings, including reins styled specifically for the Weymouth and bradoon on a double bridle. Keep a secure hold using broad leather dressage reins which come in traditional black and feature leather stops to prevent the reins slipping due to rain or sweat. Choose from a wealth of practical rein options for jumping and cross-country, including webbing reins and rubber-lined reins for a really reliable hold under all conditions. Whatever your choice you can be confident that the reins have been crafted from the finest materials for security and durability. Modern soft-grip reins are easy to hold and relieve tension in the hands. Find reins for every occasion at Bit of Britain.