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Brushes and Curries are an important part of your horse grooming kit. Bit of Britain is your go-to source for quality made curry combs, dandy brushes, body brushes, hard brushes, soft brushes, and face brushes. Rubber curry combs lift dirt and dead skin cells to the surface to be brushed away. A dandy brush or hard brush whisks loose dirt away with its stiff bristles. A body brush or soft brush is like a dandy brush but is designed with softer bristles. A face brush is a smaller, soft-bristled brush that gently removes dirt and dust from the sensitive face and ears. An assortment of brushes and curries is needed for proper grooming. Today's brushes and curries come in an array of choices and colors from basic solids to vibrant coordinated brush sets. Choose Bit of Britain for all of your horse grooming tools. Bit of Britain carries horse brushes and curries from brands like Horze, Equi-Essentials, Shires and Roma.

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