Braiding Tools

Braiding Tools include Braid Binders, Braiding Thread, and Braiding Yarn that makes horse braiding easier. Shop Bit of Britain for a complete line of top quality horse braiding tools. Whether you're braiding for a western pleasure class, the hunter/jumper show ring, or dressage arena, there are some horse braiding tools you'll need. Braid binders hold the braid tightly in place but are easily removed at the end of the day. Braid binders coordinate to match a horse's mane and tail color. Braiding thread is used for small, tight hunter braids while braiding yarn is commonly used on the dressage horse or show jumpers. Braiding thread and braiding yarn will generally match the horse's mane and tail color. Braiding tools also include mane combs, mane taming products, hair clips to hold back the unbraided parts, and a convenient container to store it all.