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Sport Boots

Avoid tiresome bandaging and equip your horse with protective sport boots. Bit of Britain has a selection of all purpose brushing boots to guard against knocks and cuts during schooling and turn-out as well as sport boots to provide extra support for tendons. Easy to use dressage boots mean your horse can be prepped and ready to go in an instant. With a supportive outer shell and soft, fleecy wool linings they are a great safeguard against injury and look the part in brilliant white. Sport boots that finish with a strap that wraps supportively under the fetlock joint give soft, molded protection against tendon strain. Affordable splint boots are a popular choice for all ridden activities and turn out as they are lightweight, stay securely in place and have substantial padding over the inside of the leg for real protection against a strike from the opposing hoof. Don't be limited in your choice - check out the range of specialist equine sport boots available at Bit of Britain. Find Sport Boots from top brands like Shires ARMA, Veredus and Horze