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Horse Liniments

Horse Liniment and Herbal Liniments are commonly used on horses to help cool down and ease sore and stiff muscles. Bit of Britain offers a variety of liniments for horses and are available in either liquid or gel forms. Horse liniments offer pain relief and increased blood flow to the desired areas. Horse liniments are either analgesic, the strongest variety that typically includes ingredients like mint and eucalyptus oils or menthol, or antiseptic. Analgesic liniments are effective in easing muscle and joint discomfort and to reduce swelling. Analgesic horse liniment is potent and should be diluted according to instructions before use to prevent skin irritation. Antiseptic horse liniments are more gentle than analgesic liniments but both can be used for pain relief due to vigorous exercise or arthritis pain. Antiseptic liniments can also be used to treat minor scratches and other conditions like rain rot or summer itch.