Equine First Aid Kits

Equine First Aid Kits are a must-have for any horse owner. Bit of Britain carries everything you need in an equine first aid kit. Horses are accident prone and keeping an equine first aid kit on hand is a top priority. First aid kit basics include antibiotic creams, wraps, gauze, and disinfectant sprays and washes. Some extras to include in your first aid kit are a twitch, a new fly mask, hoof testers, clean buckets, material for a temporary splint, a tail wrap, a snake bite kit, a poultice, poultice boot, and bute. Keeping a first aid kit in the barn is smart. Consider keeping a smaller equine first aid kit in your trailer or truck and yet another mini first aid kit to carry in your saddlebags or backpack when you're on a long trail ride.

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