Equine Fly Protection

Equine Fly Protection includes a broad range of fly sheets, fly masks, fly sprays, fly boots, and fly quarter sheets for horses, barns, and stables. Bit of Britain features an extensive line of equine fly protection from select brands like Weatherbeeta, Horseware Ireland, Shires Equestrian, and Pessoa. Equine fly protection prevents and controls the outbreak of insect produced diseases and will discourage biting insects from preying on your horse. Fly sheets and fly masks deter flies, mosquitos, and a variety of annoying bugs. Horse fly sheets, fly masks, and fly quarter sheets for riding are made from a mesh material that not only shields from flies and other biting insects, it can also provide protection from harsh sun and UV-light. Bit of Britain offers fly sprays for your horse and for the barn. Fly sprays for your horse can be applied directly to the animal to repel and kill most flies and insects. Fly sprays for your barn and stable can be misted and fogged manually or used in automatic spray systems.