Equestrian Footwear - Tall Boots & Paddock Boots

Bit of Britain features riding footwear designed for competition, schooling and barn chores. Find classic leather field and dress boots, plus paddock boots for daily riding and practical footwear for barn work in all weathers. On show days enjoy the style, comfort and sophistication of beautiful tall boots suitable for all English disciplines, with high tensile stretch panels for a perfect fit and rubber soles for improved stirrup grip. School daily in practical paddock boots with shock-absorbing insoles for all-day comfort and front zippers for speed and convenience. Lead horses to paddocks, muck stalls or stand with the vet or farrier, immune to rain, mud or snow, in warm and sturdy work boots. Look part of the rural scene in fashionable must-have country boots which are rugged enough to survive in all conditions without losing their glamor! For all your equestrian footwear needs you can rely on Bit of Britain to have the very best boots available from Tredstep, Ovation, Mountain Horse and Dublin.