Muck Boots

There are days when strong, fully-waterproof footwear is needed for the barn and purpose-designed muck boots or a reliable pair of wellies are the perfect solution. At Bit of Britain find long and short neoprene boots and a choice of wellies to ensure your feet stay dry whatever the weather. Muck boots molded from rubber and neoprene are supremely comfortable, waterproof and flexible with the added benefit of deeply-treaded soles for a secure grip. Designed to be easy to pull on and take off, these boots are ideal for getting the horses in from the paddocks or setting jumps in a water-logged arena before you change into riding boots. For traditionalists, a pair of well-made wellies never goes amiss at the barn and it's essential to keep a pair in the tack room for those deep-puddle days! Waterproof barn boots by Ovation and Mudsters are available from Bit of Britain in sizes that suit both men and women.

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