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Cavalliera Women's Venice Show Jacket - Black/Grey

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Product description

The Cavalliera Vencie Show Jacket features a unique double front that creates a unique, yet still traditional appearance.

This three button coat has high performance detailing that ensures a free range of motion. It has a superb tailored fit, with crystal back strips for a touch of elegance. Light grey piping along the collar, belt and lower section highlight this coats details.

The feminine fitted cut has curves and lines that were carefully designed for optimal freedom of movement during riding.


  • Double front design
  • Three button
  • Crystal and piping details
  • Freedom of movement

Care Instructions:

Machine wash jacket in cold water. Do not tumble. Hang to dry or lay flat to dry. Wrinkles are caused by washing or movement of the jacket inside of luggage. You can remove wrinkles from your coat with a clothes steamer. If you do not have a clothes steamer you can hang your coat in the shower and let the shower steam relax the wrinkles out of the coat, or you can take a hot wet wash cloth and sponge the coat. (You can take care of your jacket in an other way too andsending it to the special laundry and dry cleaning service.) Do not use a pre-wash product on or around the rhinestones because some of these products can soften the glue. Do not iron directly on the rhinestones, those are permanently affixed using a heat press to ensure proper adhesion. Exposing your shirt to high heat (high dryer cycles or household irons) can melt the glue and could cause stones to move or even fall off.