Roma Full Ice Boots - Black

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Product description

Easily and effectively ice your horse's legs after a strenuous workout with the Roma Heavy Duty Side Zip Full Ice Boots! Adjustable for different sizes of horses and suitable for use on the front or hind legs, these ice boots feature double buckles on the bottom and a loose nylon top that fills up with ice.

Great for icing legs after extensive jumping or schooling, the design of the boots surround the tendons, ligaments and bones for the most thorough treatment. The boots fasten around the fetlock, zip up with a full length side zipper and feature two reinforced eyelets that can be hooked on to and secured across the withers of the horse to prevent the boots from slouching down when ice is added. Waterproof and easy to use, the Roma Full Ice Boots are an essential component of every competitive rider's toolbox!


  • Double Buckles on Bottom
  • Loose Nylon Top for Ice
  • Suspender Wither Strap to Hold Up Boots
  • Surrounds Tendons, Ligaments & Bones
  • Full Length Side Zipper
  • 26" Long
  • Waterproof & Easy to Use