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M. Toulouse Camden Snaffle Hunter Bridle - Chocolate

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Large Horse

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Product description

The M. Toulouse Camden Snaffle Hunter Bridle offers a classic look with upgraded ergonomic shape.

This bridle features raised fancy stitching, padded 7/8 Quick-Change noseband with buckle guard, 1/2 cheeks, padded cutback crown with integrated cheek, noseband, and single buckle throatlatch. Matching laced reins.


  • English leather
  • 1/2" cheeks
  • 7/8" padded noseband with buckle guard
  • Cutback crown
  • Integrated cheeks

Care Instructions:

Wipe down with a soft cloth or damp sponge after every ride. Use quality leather cleaner if there is sweat and dirt build up. Allow tack to dry thoroughly before using again if at all possible. Light oil can be applied over time as needed, but never soak leather in oil.