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It's been 20 years Fergus, and youre still spooking at that thing?! A rollicking comic treasury, starring the world's most famous cartoon horse. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and a surging presence on Instagram. Each day, he and his diverse group of friends share their mishaps, their successes, and their innermost thoughts with the world. He is seemingly ageless, looking even better now than when his ascent to fame began. Who is this intriguing Internet celebrity? Fergus the Horse (Equus hilarious), the creation of artist Jean Abernethy, has been entertaining audiencesyoung and old, in print and onlinewith his comedic adventures for the past 20 years.

His rise to fame was documented in the epic equine comic collection The Essential Fergus the Horse, and now, Abernethy celebrates his ageand the wisdom that should come with itwith an all-new selection of horsey humor, including many cartoons fans have never seen before, created exclusively for this book. With a genuine appeal that crosses boundaries of breed, discipline, and geographic location, Fergus unites anyone with an eye for a horse and a need for a laugh. Readers of all agesfrom 5 to 95will be delighted by his wit, honesty, and profoundly funny observations on horses, humans, and the life they strive to live together.

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  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • 200 color illustrations