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Horze Starting Number Kit

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Product description

Prepare for your next show with the Horze Starting Number Kit.

Many shows now require riders to provide their own show numbers and this kit makes it easy. Featuring easy to see numbers on a white PVC round disk. The numbers are easy to change and feature three slots with numbers available from 0 to 9 and are covered by clear plastic for wind and rain protection. The disc may be attached to the horse's bridle, martingale or breastplate.


  • Be prepared for your next show with reusable show numbers
  • Easy to see white PVC round starting numbers disc
  • Three number spaces with 0 to 9 options
  • Numbers are protected by clear plastic
  • Easily attaches to the cheek of the bridle, the martingale, or breastplate

Care Instructions:

Wipe with damp sponge to clean.