Horse TackBitsBit AccessoriesHerm Sprenger Leather w/Nylon Pelham Bit Converters - Black

Herm Sprenger Leather w/Nylon Pelham Bit Converters - Black

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Product description

Herm Sprenger introduces a modern take on the Pelham rounding- the Pelham Bit Converter.

The Herm Sprenger Pelham Converters are only 16mm in length, when compared to the usual Pelham straps that are generally 30cm. Much lighter and easier to attach, these converters are made from fine webbed nylon rope that loops around the bottom ring and the leather strap with the billet is fixed to the top ring. The reins are then simply attached to the new loop. With the Sprenger Pelham Converters being much shorter than traditional Pelham straps, the action from the rein is clear and direct with less play.


  • Leather with nylon Pelham converters
  • Much lighter and easier to attach
  • Measures 16mm in length