About Bit of Britain

Our History

In 1985, Bit of Britain was formed by a veterinarian and was based out of a small tack shop in the back of a private stable, selling primarily to the racetrack trade. In 1991, John Nunn, who had trained racehorses for over 15 years, purchased the company and sold tack and other racing goods on the racetrack out of a truck.

With a vision of Bit of Britain being more than a racing tack shop, John found a location outside North East, Maryland which was better suited for growth into other disciplines. In a short amount of time it was clear that this growing tack shop was well situated in the heart of eventing country, with Fair Hill International just up the road, as well as other fine events and facilities nearby.

At the time, there were very few retailers catering to the needs of Eventers, and John found the people to be honest, fun-loving and hard working. Kind of like him! Focusing his energy and attention on this niche market, John also developed a wholesale company to manufacture long-lasting leather goods that were suited to the needs of his new markets. Nunn Finer products continue to be a core and popular offering of Bit of Britain today.


John passed the torch in 2019 to BrandNexity Commerce Group to bring together eCommerce and relevant content for Bit of Britain’s customer of today. Knowledge of equestrian sports and products continues to be a defining factor and John will continue to be sharing his valued insights. Shoppers will enjoy side-by-side product comparisons including features, pricing, and even shipping options, Pair It To Wear It collections, and other shopping ease features along with useful, educational and magazine style editorial content designed to engage, empower and inform. Whether you’re preparing for your first event or are a seasoned competitor you will find inspiration, great products, expert advice, and more curated just for you.

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