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Trauma Void Pardus Smooth Helmet - Black

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Technical Specifications


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Product description

The Pardus Smooth is an elegant riding helmet that has a stylish look with a matte glossy surface.

The ventilation holes serve both as a decorative detail and provide a good spirit function to the helmet. The inner lining has Coolmax technology that keeps you dry and gives a comfortable feeling by wicking away the moisture. The lining is removable and can be easily washed clean with lukewarm water.

Pardus has a slim fit that is best suited to people with oblong heads. You can adjust the size with a screw function at the rear of the helmet. This means that you get an optimal fit for your particular head. If you choose between two sizes, choose the size larger.


  • MIPS safety system
  • Front and rear ventilation
  • Washable lining
  • Three point bracket
  • Weight: approx. 600 grams