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Draw It Out Spray Liniment Concentrate

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Product description

Concentrated formula. The stronger you mix, the faster it will work. Can be used as a soak, poultice or general body spray

To utilize as a leg wrap you can apply directly to the leg via spray or actually soak your no bows or polo wraps in a mixed solution and wrap. Keep the wraps moist as long as they are applied. Can be left on for long periods of time without burning or blistering. This version is also great on abscesses. Draw it Out can be used before, during and after events or training. Draw it Out is a deep penetrating formula that utilizes minerals, that research shows, to be effective in pain management and reducing inflammation Using Draw it Out as a spray is also great for large area applications like shoulders, backs and hips.

Epsom salt profile formula designed in compliance with FEI regulatory lists.


  • Liniment concentrate
  • Can be mixed at varying degrees of strength
  • Penetrating formula
  • Epsom salt formula